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Out of nowhere, while we are on a trip, I get an unsolicited email from Cory from Van City RV in Kalispell, just to say hello, and ask if we may still be interested in an Leisure Van RV. We had stopped by there a few years ago. Now he was a young and new salesperson and apparently making cold calls from the list of those who had stopped by. He hit the jackpot with us. His email brought me to LTV's website, where we discovered the WonderRTB. Could it be the perfect RV for my wife and I? It looked promising.
From what I had read from others over the years, build quality was more than skin deep with LTV. So we took a drive to VanCityRV in St.Louis, which was the closest dealer to us that had one in stock, and saw a WonderFTB-the only Wonder they had. I was impressed with the build quality. Yes, the materials were lightweight, but I would prefer that over limited cargo carrying capacity. The fit and finish appeared perfect-I saw no cosmetic flaws anywhere. Lines were straight, doors were as well. No screws had been powered drilled into place to break what was underneath them.
Well, we took delivery November 7, 2020 of our new WonderRTB ordered last April and with a energy upgrade completed by AMSolar, we finally have as close to the perfect RV for us as could be designed and built. It has room to spare in the garage, and the latest energy components as added by AMSolar. It's a perfect fit for two. This definitely will be the last RV we ever own. And that's perfect as well.
Thanks, LTV, and AMSolar for a job well done. And thanks to Cory at Van City RV who had the initiative to contact us, and helped us with the purchase, delivery, and sale. He's a class act and I highly recommend him and Van City RV Kalispell as well. Both treat their customers with honesty and respect.
So, there. As Forrest Gump said, "That's all I have to say about that."
- Gerald