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Redefining the RV Experience One Trip at a Time

Rossmonster For Sale



Internally, we set out to create the kind of company that our friends and family would be happy working at and proud to be working for. Externally, our goal is to create products that wow – not only because they look cool, but because of the clear attention to detail, purpose, and quality.



We pride ourselves on our innovative approach and the quality of our end product. We aim to continue to deliver an exceptional product, an industry-leading warranty, and top-notch ongoing service to our family of Rossmönster owners, while also continuing to innovate and push the envelope on what’s possible in the world of overland vehicles.



When it comes to our process and supplies, we’re committed to keeping our build process in-house and sourcing products from within the USA (and within CO whenever possible). When it comes to our products, we’re committed to the highest quality standards. When it comes to our clients, we’re committed to approaching each relationship as an ongoing partnership, providing education and guidance where appropriate, listening and designing for each unique use case, and most importantly, making the process enjoyable for all parties involved.

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