RV Tips: 4 Great Ways to Get Your RV Ready for Winter

Owning an RV means maintaining it through all seasons of the year. That means preparing it for the winter months so that it can withstand the cold. There are measures you can take to ensure your RV is prepared for winter. Take a look at these four RV tips to get your RV ready for winter.

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Cover All A/C Units

To get your RV ready for winter, you need to cover all of your AC units; this step is imperative, so take time to cover any space that could allow cold air inside. Covering the AC units will help with insulation, so take some time to cover your AC units before it gets too cold.

Remove Any Fabric and Store in a Sealed Container

Get out to your RV and clean out any fabric left behind before the cold hits. You should store any fabric that remains in a sealed container to avoid any moisture buildup that could potentially mold over time. This will protect your things from potential damage while sitting over the winter.

Deep Clean Your Appliances

You need to make sure that all of your appliances are thoroughly cleaned before winter. There’s nothing worse than opening your RV back up for the summer to find that an old mess has caused mold or damage. Take the time you need to thoroughly clean all of your appliances before you close your RV for the winter.

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Winterize Your Plumbing System

It is imperative that you winterize your plumbing system before it gets too cold. Take some antifreeze and run it through your plumbing lines to avoid any freezing of the water left behind. If you avoid this step, you could run the risk of bursting a pipe in your RV as the temperatures freeze the water. Make sure you winterize your plumbing system to prepare your RV for the cold.

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